The photo shows a man in a “macaw tree”, one of the tortures exhaustively used by the Brazilian dictatorship, led by two Indians, in Belo Horizonte, on the occasion of the military parade of September 7, 1970.

The first years of General Medice were running.

The indigenous presence in a party of civilization, of the white men, marked the formation of the first group of the “Rural Indigenous Guard”.

They began to be transformed into soldiers, meant to suppress tribes that insisted on offering resistance to the invasion of their territories, mainly to the construction of highways.

The photo is a cruel chronicle of an authoritarian government, of a dictatorship.

There is more: extremely didactic, especially today, where after the lulopetismo lambs, many people appear, even good people, aspiring to the presence of the military again driving Brazil.

Even now, a general in the troop, Antônio Mourão, name of sad memory, reveals the existence of studies, in the High Command of the Army, of a new military intervention in the country.


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